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Water Treatment

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The Benrich Aquadene Water Treatment System effectively corrects common problems including scale accumulation, corrosion, rusty water, and pinhole leaks. Motels, restaurants, apartments, condominiums, schools and other customers report that our Aquadene Water Treatment system reduces the cost of repeated maintenance, repairing or replacing piping and/or equipment costs by as much as 85%.
  1. Eliminates red (rusty) water.
  2. Reduces pipe failures.
  3. Extends the life of water heaters.
  4. Boiler heat exchangers last longer.
  5. Reduces plumbing repair costs.
  6. Savings on energy costs.
  7. Concrete slab leaks are reduced.
  8. Low water flow complaints are reduced.
  9. Scale build-up is reduced.
  10. Eliminates 95% of problems and inconvenience.